Vesak 2015


Dear Devotees of the Florida Buddhist Vihara,

This year Vesak Ceremony will be held on Saturday, May 16th  at Florida Buddhist Vihara (FBV).
The ceremony will begin at 9.30 AM and end at 9.30 PM.

(1) Dana – If you would like to offer a dana item to the Monks or a lunch item to the laypeople on this day, please contact the temple at the numbers given below.

(2) Salpila – Salpila will be conducted by the students, teachers and parents of the Sunday School. You are encouraged to bring items such as plants, fresh vegetables, sweetmeats, and short-eats to sell at the Salpila. Please note, all proceeds from Salpila will go towards the Construction Fund at the Florida Buddhist Vihara.

(3) Evening Hopper / food stall –  Devotees of the temple will organize the evening Hopper/Sri Lankan food stall this year as well. You may purchase your dinner from the stall prior to the evening activities. Food stall will be open from 5.45-7.45 pm. Once again all proceeds will be donated to the FBV construction fund.

(4) Vesak Lanterns – Children are invited to participate in the illumination of Vesak lanterns. Please encourage children to make Vesak lanterns (kudu) and bring the finished lantern/s to the temple on the Vesak day. All the Daham pasala students are encouraged to submit an article (on Buddhism related topic) to the Vesak magazine. Please contact your child’s teacher for more details. Please note that the deadline for submitting articles is the first of May.

While we fully realize you lead busy lives with many responsibilities we hope to see you and your children at this important religious/cultural event. If you have questions/comments, you may reach the temple at the contact numbers given below.

With Blessings of the Triple Gem!

Venerable M. Ananda Thero
Venerable K. Amitha Thero

813-621-1337 or 813-313-9784 (cell number).


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