Thank you – Vesak 2012

Dear Devotees,

We completed this year’s Vesak Celebrations on May 19th with magnificent splendor. Many people from near and far contributed in numerous ways to make this event successful. All this could not have been achieved without your magnanimous contributions and support. It is with pleasure and much appreciation we write to thank everyone who contributed to various events such as:

01.  Pirikara dana and ticket fare
02.  Dana preparation
03.  Making pandal (torana)
04.  Making Vesak Lanterns
05.  Organizing ‘Lak Bojunhala’ and ‘Salpila’ (foods stalls)
06.  Cleaning
07.  Participating in all the celebrations and ceremonies
08.  Bhakthi Geetha (Devotional songs)

We thank and invoke blessings to our devotees who provided a generous helping hand in whatever possible way to make this Vesak Celebration a very grand and a successful event.

“May the Triple Gem be with you always”

Ven. B.Dewananda Thero
Ven. M.Ananda Thero
Ven. B. Amita Thero

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Children’s Vesak Sil program was held on the 9th of April this year.

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