Library project

සබ්බදානම් ධම්මදානම් ජිනාති

( Gift of Dhamma excels all other gifts )New Library

The small library of the Florida Temple needed more space and book racks to hold the Dhamma books for the use of the devotees and the monks. Recently it was upgraded by installing new book shelves thereby creating more space in the room and a computer was also added. This meritorious deed was the collective effort of many devotees who contributed either physically or financially. A library facilitates the spread of the  Dhamma and a gift to the library in the form of funds or physical effort  is a Dhamma dana.

There is yet another great opportunity to perform a Dhamma dana or give a gift of the Truth to others by donating Dhamma books written in Sinhala, English or Spanish to the library. We encourage you to participate in this meritorious deed as there is room to accommodate more books.

The temple is preparing the catalogue of the books currently available in the library to display it on the Temple web site so that devotees could soon be able to reserve the books they intend to borrow from the library in advance.


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