Daham pasela schedule 2012


Dear Teachers, Parents and Children,

We hope that you all enjoyed a nice long summer vacation.  Now you are getting ready to start your Sunday Dhamma School.  We have sited this noble statement for your Dhamma knowledge to improve our daily practice.

උට්ටිට්ඨේ නප්පමජ්ජේය  ධම්මං  සුචාරිටම් චාරේ
ධම්මචාරී  සුඛං  සෙටි අස්මිම්  ලෝකේ  පරම්හි චා

“Uttitthe nappamajjeya dhammam sucaritam care
Dhammacari sukham seti asmim loke paramhi ca”

” Be not heedless in standing (at people’s doors for alms).  Observe (this) practice scrupulously.  He who observes this noble practice lives happily both in this very life in the next life.”

All of you are cordially welcome back to Sunday School and the first class will begin on Sept 18, 2011.

The schedule is given below.

With Metta,
Bhante Dewanande


Sept 18 ,2011
October 9, 2011
October 23, 2011
Nov 6, 2011
Nov 20, 2011
Dec 4, 2011
Dec 18, 2011
Jan 8, 2012
Jan 22, 2012
Feb 5, 2012
Feb 19, 2012
March 4, 2012
April  8, 2012
April 22, 2012
May 6, 2012


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