Florida Bhuddist Vihara


Florida Buddhist Vihara, located in Tampa, Florida was founded in 1999.  It is a non-profit religious organization fully dedicated to the practice, promotion and dissemination of Gautama Buddha’s  teachings of morality, compassion, kindness, self -control and generosity.  While these values and practices are closely woven into Asian societies, they have also kindled the interest of people in the western world who are seeking a meaningful way to enhance their life experience.  The purpose of the Buddhist teachings and practices is mainly to purify one’s senses by controlling the mind and to advance oneself towards the path of serenity, content and eternal happiness!

Bhanthe Kokkwita Wipulasara is the abbot of Florida Buddhist Vihara and currently resides in Sri Lanka. Bhanthe Morathota Ananda, Bhanthe Kendagolle Amitha, and Bhanthe Wellgiriye Sirinanda are the three resident monks at the Florida Buddhist Vihara who are engaged in providing guidance according to Buddhist philosophy and deliver sermons to devotees from all walks of life whether they are beginners or well-versed in the practice of Buddhism already.

The Vihara offers classes (known as ‘Dhamma School’) to children of all ages and ethnicity on every second Sunday on the Vihara premises.  On alternate Sundays we conduct Dhamma classes for the adults during which time teachings of Buddha are discussed in details as it is applicable to our day-to-day life. Instructions on how to control one’s mind through focus is also taught at these Dhamma sessions.  We also conduct meditation classes and language classes on Pali and Sanskrit. The Vihara also conducts a monthly pooja where devotees conduct Buddha and Bodhi pooja and listen to a Dhamma discourse. For details of the monthly activities please see the Services and activities page or the Temple Activities calendar.

Florida Buddhist Vihara is also a place visited by many distinguished Buddhist monks from all over the world on regular basis thus providing devotees a great opportunity to listen to their sermons and take part in meditation retreats conducted at the temple premises.

If you like to learn more about what Florida Buddhist Vihara and how you can benefit by being part of it, please visit   www.floridabuddhistvihara.net Please note, that donations are entirely voluntary and tax deductible.  The Florida Buddhist Vihara warmly welcomes everyone.  If you are yearning for a spiritual experience where teachings of the Buddha can transcend you to a purified state of mind,  please come and see what the temple has to offer. We are located at

2208 Maydell drive
Tampa, Florida 33619
Tel: (813) 621-1337

Email floridafbv@gmail.com