Katina Ceremony 2022 

The Kathina Pinkama marking the end of the Vassana Season that started on July 16, 2022, is scheduled to start on Saturday, November 5th, 2022 at the Florida Buddhist Vihara premises.


The Gilampasa Buddha Pooja accompanied by the offering of multi-colored flowers remembering the nine virtuous qualities of the Buddha is expected to start around 7 pm on November 6th in front of the newly-built Buddha statue.

This will be followed by the offering of Gilampasa to the Maha Sangha who will be in attendance for the ensuing Pirith chanting ceremony.

The all-night Pirith ceremony that is intended to bless all living beings, and that consists of pre-midnight, midnight, and post-midnight sessions, is expected to begin around 9 pm.

At the conclusion of the Maha-Piritha around 11.30 pm, the task of stitching the Kathina robe will get underway.

Very early morning of the following day (Sunday- November 7th) chanted water and thread will be distributed among the devotees.

The morning Buddha pooja consisting of an offering of incense, flowers, and light is scheduled for 7 am on that day (Sunday, Nov. 7th). Please make sure that the temple receives any items that you wish to offer for the monks’ breakfast, well in advance.

DANA (Alms Giving)

The offering of breakfast to about fifteen members of the clergy will be conducted at 7.30 AM.

Following the monks’ breakfast and then the lay people’s breakfast, the Kathina pageant in which the Kathina robes are traditionally carried in a procession, is expected to start at 8.30 AM.


As mentioned above, this year’s Katina Robe will be prepared at the Vihara during the Ceremony days. At the conclusion of the Maha-Piritha around 11.30 PM on November 6th, the task of stitching the Kathina robe will get underway. Devotees who wish to take part in sewing can contact the Vihara and make arrangements over the phone. Participants will be given the opportunity to sew the Katina Robe on November 06th (Saturday) from 11:30 PM onward.

Procession of the Kathina Robe with all other robe offerings will take place at around 8.30 AM on November 7th. All devotees are expected to participate in the procession. Students in all three Dhamma Schools (Tampa, West Palms Beach, and Jacksonville) are especially reminded to properly participate in the procession.


At 09:00 AM, KATINA ROBE will be offered and then Maha Sangha will follow Vinaya Kamma (Formulas).

Following the offering of the Kathina robe and the conclusion of the related sermon, Maha Sangha will perform the essential rituals based on the Sangha Code of Conduct and reach a consensus on the potential robe-recipient monk from the group of monks who resided at the temple during the Vassana season.

Consequent to action relevant to the Code of Conduct (Vinaya Karma), the religious ceremony will conclude with the monks bestowing their blessings on all those who contributed to complete this year’s meritorious Kathina robe donation activities.

In parallel to the offerings of the Katina Ceremony, all the devotees can offer other Pirikara (Essential Items for the Vihara) as part of this special meritorious deed. There is a list of these small items and you all can offer them for the Viahara as an offering to the Maha Sangha at the Kathina Ceremony. Please follow the below link and sign up for those items you are happy to offer.

The Dhamma sermon illustrating the virtues of Katina known as the Kathinanisansa sermon which is traditionally conducted at the end of the Katina season is scheduled to be delivered at 8:00 PM on Saturday, November 13th through the internet.

Any donations to be made toward Pirikara and the travel expenses of the visiting monks, in remembrance of departed parents, teachers, relatives, and friends, can be made through the following link.


Please contact the Vihara on numbers, 813-621-1337 & 813-31 3-9784 for any additional information.

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All your participation in this annual meritorious deed is kindly expected. May all you accumulate good merits from this special ceremony.

Address and directions

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