Vesak Ceremony-2561, (2017) 

It is with great pleasure Florida Buddhist Vihara announces and invites you all to the “Vesak Ceremony-2561, (2017)” where we celebrate the Birth, Supreme Enlightenment and Parinibbana” of our Omniscient Samma Sambuddha, Sri Siddhartha Gothama”. 

This Vesak Full Moon will mark the 2561st year from the day of Parinibbana of the ever greatest teacher who guided the Divine and Human to the absolute and ultimate freedom. 

The annual celebration of Vesak festival at Florida Buddhist Vihara will be held this year on May 20th 2017 throughout the day on the Viahara premises. 

There will be many events of Dana, Sheela and Bhavana for all of you to participate in many ways and accumulate merits. In keeping our tradition, during this Vesak Ceremony also, we will conduct special “Aloka Puja” by making Vesak lanterns and offering those to our Supreme Sambuddha in respecting His Supreme and Infinite Wisdom.
The ceremony will begin at 9.30am and end at 9.30pm. Complete Program Schedule of the day is as follows. Further details and relevant information will be sent to you again as needed. Please read through the details in this email and participate accordingly.

Vesak Ceremony 2561 (2017), Florida Buddhist Vihara-May 20th 2017 PROGRAM

09.30am Arrival
09.45 -10.30am Observance of the Eight Precepts (Atasil ) & Dhamma sermon
10.35 -11.00am Buddha Pooja
11.00 -12.00pm Serving Alms to Clergy and people who have observed eight percepts
12.00 -02.00pm Lunch for Laity
02.00 -03.30pm Dhamma Sermon and Discussion
03.00 -04.00pm Tea Break
04.00 -05.00pm Dhamma activity for children and Meditation for Adults
05.00 -07.30pm Openning Salpila and Hoppers Stall
07.30 -08.00pm Commencement of Aloka Pooja- Lighting of Vesak Lanterns
08.00 -08.30pm Gilanpasa Buddha Pooja
08.30 -09.15pm Bhakti Gee (Devotional Songs by children & adult)
09.15 -09.30pm Seth Pirith(Blessings chanting) & End of Ceremony


(1) Dana
If you would like to offer a dana items to the Monks on this day, please see the attached Google list and sign up for the item/s.

Click here for Google List

(2) Salpila
Salpila will be conducted by the students, teachers and parents of the Sunday schools. You are encouraged to bring items such as plants, fresh vegetables, sweetmeats, and short-eats to sell at the Salpila. Please note, that the schedule time for the Salpila,”5.00pm to 7.30pm”, so plan accordingly. All proceeds from Salpila will go toward the Construction Fund at the Florida Buddhist Vihara. Please bring cash/checks for the purchases. Please sign up for donations using the link below.

Click here for Google List

3) Evening Hopper Stall
Devotees of the temple will organize the evening Hopper/Sri Lankan food stall this year as well. You may purchase your dinner from the stall prior to evening activities. Food stall will be open from 05.00pm till 07.30 pm. Please bring cash for purchasing food. All proceeds will be donated to FBV construction fund.
[Please note that, considering the Vihara Building construction project going on, a successful Salpila and Hopper stole events and their contributions are important.]

(4) Vesak Lanterns
Children are invited to participate in illumination of Vesak lanterns. Parents, please encourage children by making Vesak lanterns (kudu) together with your child and bringing the finished lantern/s to the temple on Vesak day. We expect at least one lantern from one child in each family including Jacksonville and West Palm Beach Dhamma school students. All lanterns are expected to be prepared using, 6 inches sticks and 3 feet tussles (Rali).

(5) Devotional Songs
(Relevant Information and Guidance)
Bhakthi Gee(Devotional Songs) 08.30 pm to 09.15 pm.

Each Bhakthi gee will be introduced by a Child from the three Dhamma Schools. The first song will be introduced by a child from the Tampa Dhamma School. The second song will be introduced by a child from the Jacksonville Dhamma School and the third song will be introduced by a child from the Southeast Florida Dhamm School (West Palm Beach)

(01). Only students age 5 years and above from all three Dhamma Schools
will participate in this event.

(02). All participants should be well rehearsed.

(03). All students should be dressed completely in white half sari
(Lama Sari), long sleeved (national) shirt and white sarong.

(04). If your child is not a student of the three Dhamma Schools please
understand that he/she will not be eligible to take part in Bhakti Gee.

Adult Bhakthi Gee:-
Those who wish to participate in this event have to be dressed all in white (white sari/white long skirt and blouse/white long pants and white shirt). If you are not meeting this dress code please try to refrain from taking part in the event.

Common Notice to all Participants:

Vesak in our main and most respectable ceremony as Buddhists. As devotees with the utmost respect to our Samma Sambuddha, all are expected to dress in white and respectfully.

While we fully realize you lead busy lives with many responsibilities we hope to see you and your children at this important religious/cultural event. If you have questions/comments, you may reach the temple at 813-621-1337 or 813-313-9784 (cell number).


With Blessings of the Triple Gem!

Ven. M. Ananda Thera

Address and directions

2208 Maydell dr tampa fl 33619